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Effect of hepatocyte growth factor on the expression of E- and P-cadherin in gastric carcinoma cell lines.

Hepatocyte growth factor ( HGF), identical to scatter factor, (SF) is a secretory glycoprotein from fibroblasts which dissociates and increases the motility of various types of epithelial cells. After treatment of three gastric carcinoma cell lines (MKN-28, MKN-45 and TMK-1) with HGF (10 ng/ml), TMK-1 cells lost their tight cell to cell contact and showed marked scattering, while the two other cell lines remained unaffected. To learn about the underlying mechanism of the HGF induced scattering, we examined the expression of adhesion molecules and growth factor/receptor systems at the mRNA and protein level. The observed scattering of treated TMK-1 cells was associated with a reduction in the expression of E- and P-cadherin protein. The respective mRNA levels remained unchanged after HGF/SF treatment. In the two other cell lines, which showed no scattering, there were no changes in the expression of E- and P-cadherin. All other growth factors and their receptors examined (TGF-alpha, EGFR, c-met and c-erbB2) remained constant and were not affected by HGF treatment. The results suggest that HGF/SF may regulate cell adhesion in gastric carcinomas via E- and P-cadherin expression at the protein level.[1]


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