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Expression of short and long forms of prolactin receptor in murine lymphoid tissues.

Two different forms of the prolactin receptor, differing in the length of their cytoplasmic domains, have been characterized in many tissues of rodents. To better understand whether short and long forms of PRLR are involved in the immune effects of PRL, we evaluated the distribution of these different forms in the thymus, spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow from rats and mice. Total RNA was used for cDNA synthesis which was amplified by PCR, using oligonucleotides specific to the different forms of the prolactin receptor. We detected transcripts encoding both forms of prolactin receptor in all lymphoid tissues examined in mouse and rat. Finally we studied the transcript encoding prolactin itself in these rodent tissues; a clear signal was only found in rat thymus. The ubiquitous presence of both forms of receptor transcripts in different lymphoid tissues points to an important role of the PRLR and suggests that such forms of the receptor may be involved in differential functions in lymphocytes.[1]


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