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Isolation and characterization of P-type H(+)-ATPase genes from potato.

H(+)-ATPase cDNAs were identified in a potato leaf library using an Arabidopsis gene as a probe. Based on their sequences, the clones could be grouped into at least two classes. A similar classification was obtained from the analysis of sequence data from four tobacco genes. Both potato genes are expressed in all tissues analysed, higher levels of expression were found in leaves and stem than in roots and tubers. For both genes, no significant differences in level of expression could be detected under a variety of conditions such as cold treatment, anaerobiosis, sucrose induction or treatment with a synthetic cytokinin. Only 2,4-D and prolonged periods of darkness lead to a slight reduction in mRNA levels. The reduction in darkness was compensated after transfer of the plants back into the light. Expression of the ATPase genes remained constant in transgenic plants which are inhibited in phloem loading due to antisense inhibition of the sucrose transporter. On the other hand, expression of the sucrose transporter is inducible by auxin and cytokinin but not by sucrose. Taken together, these data suggest that at least the two plasma membrane H(+)-ATPase genes analysed are rather constant in their expression and that either other genes respond to external stimuli or that most of the regulation occurs at the posttranscriptional level.[1]


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