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Sequencing and characterization of the ntp gene cluster for vacuolar-type Na(+)-translocating ATPase of Enterococcus hirae.

We have previously reported the DNA and amino acid sequences for the three genes (ntpA, ntpB, and ntpK) encoding the A, B, and K ( proteolipid) subunits, respectively, of Na(+)-translocating ATPase of a eubacterium Enterococcus hirae (Kakinuma, Y., Kakinuma, S., Takase, K., Konishi, K., Igarashi, K., and Yamato, I. (1993) Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 195, 1063-1069). In this paper we report the entire nucleotide sequence of the ntp gene cluster coding for this multisubunit enzyme. The cluster contained eight other genes; the order of these 11 genes was ntpF, -I, -K, -E, -C, -G, -A, -B, -D, -H, and -J, encoding proteins with predicted molecular weights of 14,255, 75,619, 16,036, 22,699, 38,162, 11,409, 65,766, 51,139, 27,093, 7,164, and 48,869, respectively. The deduced amino acid sequences of these products suggested that NtpI and NtpJ are hydrophobic proteins and others are hydrophilic. The ntpI gene product, which possesses six membrane-spanning segments in its carboxyl-terminal half, resembled the 116-kDa subunit of vacuolar (V)-ATPase in clathrin-coated vesicles. In addition, the NtpE, NtpC, NtpG, and NtpD proteins resembled bovine kidney ATPase E subunit, Saccharomyces cerevisiae Vma6p, Manduca sexta V-ATPase 14-kDa subunit, and Sulfolobus acidocaldarius gamma subunit, respectively, although the similarities between their amino acid sequences were moderate. Other gene products (NtpF and NtpH) did not show significant sequence similarity to other V-ATPase subunits. Since NtpA, NtpB, and NtpK are homologous counterparts of V-ATPase, these findings suggest that the molecular architecture of E. hirae Na(+)-ATPase complex corresponds to the V-type H(+)-ATPase complex distributed in various eukaryotic endomembrane systems. The sequence of the NtpJ product was similar to those of K+ transport systems of S. cerevisiae (Trk1 and Trk2); its meaning will be discussed. This is the first demonstration of a eukaryotic V-ATPase-like Na+ pump in bacteria.[1]


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