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Familial congenital hypopituitarism with central diabetes insipidus.

Congenital hypopituitarism (CH) presenting with central diabetes insipidus is typically associated with midline facial deformities or ophthalmological abnormalities. We present three brothers with CH and central diabetes insipidus not associated with any of these predisposing conditions. All three subjects presented with clinical features typical for CH (neonatal hypoglycemia, short stature, protruding forehead, and microgenitalia). All had hypoplastic genitalia indicating in utero gonadotropin deficiency, and all had complete GH deficiency. One represented low levels of thyroid hormones and TSH, indicating central hypothyroidism. Water deprivation examination in two of the brothers demonstrated complete arginine vasopressin deficiency in one and partial deficiency in the other. Magnetic resonance imaging indicated absence of the pituitary stalk, severe hypoplastic anterior pituitary in all three brothers, and absence of any posterior pituitary gland in two of the three. The other sibling had an ectopic posterior pituitary. This first report of familial CH with central diabetes insipidus may represent a previously unknown midline anomaly and provide new insights into the genetic control of pituitary and hypothalamic development.[1]


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