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Isolation and characterization of axolemma-enriched fractions from rabbit and bovine peripheral nerve.

Axolemma-enriched fractions were isolated from bovine spinal accessory nerves, bovine intradural dorsal roots, and rabbit sciatic nerve by differential centrifugation and separation on a linear 10-40% sucrose (w/w) gradient. The fractions were enriched 4 to 10 fold in acetylcholinesterase, a biochemical marker for axolemma. Axolemma-enriched fractions isolated from uniformly well-myelinated fibers (bovine spinal accessory nerve) contained lower CNPase activity and higher acetylcholinesterase activity than comparable fractions isolated from variably myelinated fibers (rabbit sciatic nerve and bovine intradural roots). Separation by polyacrylamide electrophoresis showed that the molecular weight distribution of all peripheral nerve axolemma-enriched fractions was similar and ranged from 20 to over 150 kilodaltons. All axolemma-enriched fractions appeared to contain a small but variable amount of myelin-specific proteins. Based on biochemical properties, peripheral nerves containing uniformly well-myelinated fibers yield an axolemma-enriched fraction which is least contaminated with myelin-related membranes.[1]


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