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Accessory Nerve

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Disease relevance of Accessory Nerve


High impact information on Accessory Nerve


Biological context of Accessory Nerve

  • Consistent with this phenotype, immature branchial motoneurons of the spinal accessory nerve, which normally migrate from a ventromedial to a dorsolateral position within the neural tube, were markedly reduced in Nkx2.9-deficient embryos at E10.5, while ventromedial motor column cells were increased in numbers [2].

Anatomical context of Accessory Nerve


Associations of Accessory Nerve with chemical compounds

  • Motoneurons of the spinal accessory nerve between C1 and C5 segments were labelled using wheat germ agglutinin-horseradish peroxidase (WGA-HRP) injected into the sternocleidomastoid muscles [11].
  • The dorsal C2 and C3 branches have diameters comparable to that of the spinal accessory nerve [12].
  • Reconstruction of the spinal accessory nerve with an anastomosis to the dorsal C3 branch: technical note [12].
  • Motoneurons supplying the accessory nerve (nXI) of the Japanese toad were retrogradely labelled by applying the cobaltic lysine to the cut end of the nerve [13].
  • Retrograde transport of the fluorescent tracers Diamidino Yellow dihydrochloride and Fast Blue was used to determine the location of the spinal nucleus of the accessory nerve in the sheep [14].

Gene context of Accessory Nerve


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Accessory Nerve


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