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Adrenal kallikrein.

Kallikrein was identified in the adrenal glands of the rat. The enzyme was present in active and inactive forms (n = 9), since preincubation with trypsin increased kininogenase activity from 54.8 +/- 11.8 to 230 +/- 23 pg bradykinin per milligram protein per minute. Adrenal kininogenase activity was inhibited by 91% by phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride (2 mM), 81% by D-Phe-Phe-Arg-chloromethyl ketone (1 microM), 88% by aprotinin (1,000 KIU), and only 16% by soybean trypsin inhibitor (50 microM). Preincubation with antibodies against rat urinary kallikrein resulted in over 90% inhibition of kininogenase activity. Immunoreactive glandular kallikrein was 30.7 +/- 4.8 ng/mg protein (n = 11). The apparent molecular weight of the adrenal kininogenase on gel filtration chromatography was 33,000 +/- 500 D. Both the adrenal enzyme and the purified submandibular gland kallikrein used as a control had the same mobility on alkaline polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. To determine whether messenger RNA (mRNA) for glandular kallikrein is present in adrenal gland RNA, we used the polymerase chain reaction employing oligonucleotide primers and glandular kallikrein 32P complementary DNA (cDNA) as a probe, which should give a cDNA fragment of 370 bp. Southern blots of the amplified products revealed a fragment of the predicted size. In conclusion, glandular kallikrein has been identified in the adrenal glands. The presence of mRNA for glandular kallikrein suggests that kallikrein is synthesized locally in this tissue. This provides an anatomic basis for possible participation of a local kallikrein-kinin pathway in the regulation of adrenal function.[1]


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