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NDT80, a meiosis-specific gene required for exit from pachytene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

We describe the identification of a new meiosis-specific gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, NDT80. The ndt80 null and point mutants arrest at the pachytene stage of meiosis, with homologs connected by full-length synaptonemal complexes and spindle pole bodies duplicated but unseparated. Meiotic recombination in an ndt80 delta mutant is relatively normal, although commitment to heteroallelic recombination is elevated two- to threefold and crossing over is decreased twofold compared with those of the wild type. ndt80 arrest is not alleviated by mutations in early recombination genes, e.g., SPO11 or RAD50, and thus cannot be attributed to an intermediate block in prophase chromosome metabolism like that observed in several other mutants. The ndt80 mutant phenotype during meiosis most closely resembles that of a cdc28 mutant, which contains a thermolabile p34, the catalytic subunit of maturation-promoting factor. Cloning and molecular analysis reveal that the NDT80 gene maps on the right arm of chromosome VIII between EPT1 and a Phe-tRNA gene, encodes a 627-amino-acid protein which exhibits no significant homology to other known proteins, and is transcribed specifically during middle meiotic prophase. The NDT80 gene product could be a component of the cell cycle regulatory machinery involved in the transition out of pachytene, a participant in an unknown aspect of meiosis sensed by a pachytene checkpoint, or a SPO11- and RAD50-independent component of meiotic chromosomes that is the target of cell cycle signaling.[1]


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