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Radionuclide captopril renography in postpartum renal artery aneurysms.

We report the case of a young woman with three left renal artery aneurysms, diagnosed immediately postpartum, associated with a de novo high blood pressure. To assess anatomical and functional characteristics of renal artery aneurysms, renal angiogram, MRI, intravenous pyelography, ultrasonography and radionuclide renography were performed. Two patent saccular renal artery aneurysms were demonstrated in the left kidney by renal angiogram. A larger, thrombosed aneurysm was also depicted on the left side on ultrasonography, MRI and renal angiogram. The larger aneurysm was responsible for renovascular disease of the middle third of the kidney, as demonstrated by captopril and baseline radionuclide renographic studies. It also impeded drainage of the lower pyelocalyceal group, without obstructing it, as shown by concomitant furosemide (Lasix) evaluations.[1]


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