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Liver cirrhosis induces renal and liver phospholipase A2 activity in rats.

Maintenance of renal function in liver cirrhosis requires increased synthesis of arachidonic acid derived prostaglandin metabolites. Arachidonate metabolites have been reported to be involved in modulation of liver damage. The purpose of the present study was to establish whether the first enzyme of the prostaglandin cascade synthesis, the phospholipase A2(PLA2) is altered in liver cirrhosis induced by bile duct excision. The mRNA of PLA2(group I and II) and annexin-I a presumptive inhibitor of PLA2 enzyme was measured by PCR using glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase ( GAPDH) as an internal standard. The mean mRNA ratio of group II PLA2/ GAPDH was increased in liver tissue by 126% (P < 0.001) and in kidney tissue by 263% (P < 0.006) following induction of liver cirrhosis. The increase in group II PLA2 mRNA in cirrhotic animals was reflected by an increase in PLA2 protein and enzyme activity in both liver and kidney tissues. Since the mRNA of group I PLA2 was not detectable and Group IV PLA2 activity measured in liver and kidney tissue samples was very low and not changed following induction of cirrhosis, it is likely that the major PLA2 activity measured in liver and kidney corresponds to group II PLA2 enzyme. The mean mRNA ratio of annexin-I/ GAPDH was increased in liver tissue by 115% (P < 0.05) but unchanged in kidney tissue following induction of cirrhosis. The protein content of annexin-I and -V were not affected by bile duct excision in liver and kidney tissue indicating that upregulation of group II PLA2 activity was not due to downregulation of annexin-I or -V. Group II PLA2 activity of glomerular mesangial cells stimulated by interleukin-1 beta was enhanced by bile juice and various bile salts. In conclusion, activity of group II PLA2 is upregulated partly due to enhanced transcription and translation in cirrhosis and is furthermore augmented by elevated levels of bile salts.[1]


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