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Nongranulomatous chronic idiopathic enterocolitis: clinicopathologic profile and response to corticosteroids.

BACKGROUND & AIMS: Nongranulomatous ulcerative enterocolitis has been reported in association with celiac sprue, lymphoma, and hypogammaglobulinemia. The objective of this study is to present evidence that this disorder exists as a primary entity. METHODS: The medical records and histological material of 9 patients (mean age, 45.7 +/- 5.9 years) who presented with severe chronic diarrhea without specific diagnosis after extensive investigations were reviewed. RESULTS: Endoscopically, the duodenum and proximal jejunum were inflamed in 6 of 7 patients, with superficial ulcerations in 5 patients. On histology, the lamina propria was infiltrated by polymorphonuclear and chronic inflammatory cells, with varying degrees of villous atrophy. There were no significant cellular abnormalities of the epithelial enterocytes. A similar inflammatory infiltrate was present in the colon in 4 or 5 patients. Eight of 9 patients responded to corticosteroids with clinical and variable histological improvement. Four patients developed bleeding from ulcerations in the small or large intestine. Three patients died: 1 patient who did not respond to treatment with corticosteroids and 2 patients with systemic infection. Four of the 6 surviving patients required maintenance low-dose corticosteroid therapy. No underlying disease was discovered during prolonged follow-up. CONCLUSIONS: Idiopathic nongranulomatous enterocolitis may present as a primary, frequently fatal disease. Corticosteroid therapy provides immediate benefit and may be required indefinitely.[1]


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