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Subtotal neonatal calvariectomy for severe craniosynostosis.

This report sets forth an example of a new mode of management of severe craniosynostosis in the neonate: subtotal calvariectomy. An infant with synostosis of sagittal, coronal, and lambdoidal sutures who had signs of increased intracranial pressure with impending neurologic complications was operated on at 13 days of age. Wide excision of the bony calvarium from the underlying dura was accomplished from the supraorbital ridge to near the foramen magnum; the entire area of the coronal sutures was included. Regeneration of the calvarium occurred over two to 12 weeks and was accompanied by the presence of "sutures" in a usual location. These procedures have allowed for normal brain growth without reoperation up to the current age of two years. Neurologic and intellectual performance has been satisfactory, and cosmetic results appear to be preferable to those obtained by more limited surgery. The observations suggest that this approach may permit better craniofacila growth by minimizing secondary deformities in growth of the cranial base.[1]


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