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Indirect blood pressure and heart rate measured quickly without observer bias using a semi-automatic machine (auto-manometer)--response to isometric exercise in normal healthy males and its modification by beta-adrenoceptor blockade.

1 In a double-blind crossover study, six volunteers performed sustained handgrip at 50% of maximal voluntary contraction before and 90 min following oral administration of 0.25 and 100 mg metoprolol tartrate, a beta1 selective adrenoceptor blocking agent. Blood pressure and heart rate were measured with the Auto-Manometer, an electronic semi-automatic device based on the principles of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine sphygmomanometer. It eliminates observer and digital bias completely, and also records heart rate at the same time as blood pressure is recorded. 2 Resting heart rate fell 15% after 25 mg, 21% after 100 mg and was unchanged after placebo. Systolic blood pressure fell 6% on both doses and was unchanged on placebo. Diastolic pressure did not change with any of the doses. 3 At 1 min of handgrip, heart rate was significantly lower after 25 and 100 mg than before drug or after placebo. There was no difference between the blood pressure levels attained before or after any of the dose levels. The rise of heart rate tended to be somewhat dampened after 100 mg only. The rise in blood pressure was unchanged after any dose compared with before.[1]


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