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Antiallergic activity of topical lodoxamide on in vivo and in vitro models.

Lodoxamide is an antiallergic drug acting as a mast-cell stabilizer, which is effective in the treatment of allergic conjunctivitis. The study aimed to evaluate the effect of lodoxamide eye-drops on the inflammatory early-phase reaction (EPR) changes induced by allergen-specific conjunctival challenge (ASCC). This was a cross-over, double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized study, including 10 outpatients suffering from allergic rhinoconjunctivitis due to Parietaria judaica. Patients received one drop of lodoxamide tromethamine 0.1% or placebo 30 min before each ASCC. Clinical evaluation and cytologic assessment were done at baseline and 30 min after each ASCC. Lodoxamide induced a reduction in total symptom score and hyperemia during the EPR (P < 0.05). Lacrimation, itching/burning, and eyelid swelling were only slightly (nonsignificantly) reduced. Lodoxamide induced a reduction in the total number of inflammatory cells and neutrophils during the EPR (P < 0.02). Eosinophil and lymphocyte number and ICAM-1 expression showed only a slight, not statistically significant decrease. Placebo did not affect the studied parameters. Lodoxamide reduced early clinical events and cellular changes after ASCC consistently with its activity as mast-cell stabilizer. Moreover, lodoxamide was able to downregulate in vitro ICAM-1 expression on the continuously cultured, differentiated conjunctival cell line WK. This was shown both in basal conditions (P < 0.05) and upon interferon-gamma stimulation (P < 0.03), although at high concentration.[1]


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