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Chemical Compound Review

Lodoxamida     [3-(carboxycarbonylamino)-2- chloro-5-cyano...

Synonyms: Lodoxamide, Lodoxamidum, Alomide (TN), SureCN119881, CHEMBL1201266, ...
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Disease relevance of Lodoxamide


High impact information on Lodoxamide


Chemical compound and disease context of Lodoxamide


Biological context of Lodoxamide

  • Those subjects demonstrating a protective effect of lodoxamide subsequently underwent antigen inhalation challenges at various time intervals (2 to 8 hr) after lodoxamide treatment [9].
  • Lodoxamide was highly effective, as judged by the absence of both overt signs and characteristic post-DEC changes in platelet numbers, serum fibrinogen level, and serum transaminase (SGOT, SGPT) levels, in blocking the reaction in dogs with a microfilaremia level that would make them moderately reactive [15].
  • Furthermore, the inhibitory effects of FR50948 on type III reactions and inflammatory reactions were much more potent than those of SCG and equal to those of lodoxamide, and the effect on IgG-mediated PCA was stronger than that of either reference drug [16].
  • RESULTS: Only levacobastine and lodoxamide decreased vascular permeability at a significant ratio (46%, p < 0.01 and 31%, p < 0.05, respectively) [17].
  • Although infusion of 1.0 microgram per 100 g b.w. serotonin and/or 10 micrograms per 100 g b.w. lodoxamide produced no change in arterial blood pressure, 10 or 20 micrograms per 100 g b.w. serotonin evoked hypotension within 40 sec [18].

Anatomical context of Lodoxamide


Associations of Lodoxamide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Lodoxamide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Lodoxamide

  • All subjects underwent antigen inhalation challenge 15 min after inhalation of an aerosolized solution of 0.1 mg of lodoxamide in saline or of saline solution alone (placebo) administered on separate days according to a double-blind, random-allocation protocol [9].
  • Determination of lodoxamide in plasma using ion-pairing and reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography [29].
  • Lodoxamide produced a significant reduction in ultimate infarct size measured at 24 h by postmortem tetrazolium perfusion staining [21].
  • Albumin concentrations in lavage fluid (BAL) of lodoxamide-treated animals were 243 +/- 165 micrograms/ml in right lung and 29 +/- 15 micrograms/ml in left lung (p less than 0.03); albumin concentration in right lung BAL of untreated animals was 1,180 +/- 319 micrograms/ml (p less than 0.02 vs. lodoxamide-treated animals) [30].
  • After treatment with lodoxamide 0.1%, tear LTB4 and LTC4 levels of the OP-GPC patients decreased significantly [31].


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