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Characterization of the interaction between the baculovirus replication factors LEF-1 and LEF-2.

The Autographa californica multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus has six genes required and three genes stimulatory for transient DNA replication. We demonstrate that the products of two of these genes, LEF-1 and LEF-2, interact in both two-hybrid assays using Saccharomyces cerevisiae and glutathione S-transferase fusion affinity assays. Using yeast-two-hybrid assays, we mapped the interaction domain of LEF-2 to amino acids between positions 20 and 60. Extensive deletion analyses of LEF-1 failed to reveal a delimited interaction domain, suggesting that there may be essential secondary structural elements that are inactivated by these deletions. All clones expressing LEF-1 and LEF-2 that were unable to interact also failed to support significant levels of transient DNA replication, suggesting that this interaction is required for DNA replication. Sequence analysis of LEF-1 revealed a primase-like motif, WVVDAD. When this motif was mutated to WVVQAD, LEF-1 no longer supported transient DNA replication.[1]


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