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The Drosophila gene abnormal spindle encodes a novel microtubule-associated protein that associates with the polar regions of the mitotic spindle.

abnormal spindle, a gene required for normal spindle structure and function in Drosophila melanogaster, lies immediately adjacent the gene tolloid at 96A/B. It encodes a 220-kD polypeptide with a predicted pI of 10. 8. The recessive mutant allele asp1 directs the synthesis of a COOH terminally truncated or internally deleted peptide of approximately 124 kD. Wild-type Asp protein copurifies with microtubules and is not released by salt concentrations known to dissociate most other microtubule-associated proteins. The bacterially expressed NH2-terminal 512-amino acid peptide, which has a number of potential phosphorylation sites for p34(cdc2) and MAP kinases, strongly binds to microtubules. The central 579-amino acid segment of the molecule contains one short motif homologous to sequences in a number of actin bundling proteins and a second motif present at the calmodulin binding sites of several proteins. Immunofluorescence studies show that the wild-type Asp protein is localized to the polar regions of the spindle immediately surrounding the centrosome. These findings are discussed in relation to the known spindle abnormalities in asp mutants.[1]


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