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Translocation of annexin XI to neutrophil subcellular organelles.

In an earlier study, annexin XI was found to be present in the cytosol of neutrophil granulocytes (Blood (1996) 87, 4817). The protein was isolated by calcium-dependent translocation to specific granules and was found to be a 42-kDa truncated form of annexin XI. Using human autoantibodies directed against annexin XI we have now reinvestigated the ability of full size annexin XI to translocate to different neutrophil organelles isolated by subcellular fractionation. The autoantisera used recognised a protein of 55-kDa in neutrophil cytosol and comparison with a whole cell lysate indicated that the larger portion of the cellular content of this protein is localised to the cytosol. Azurophil granules, specific granules and secretory vesicles/plasma membrane were isolated by subcellular fractionation on Percoll gradients, mixed respectively with neutrophil cytosol and the calcium concentration was raised. Immunoblotting showed that annexin XI translocated to specific granules and secretory vesicles/plasma membrane at 100 micromol/l calcium. When raising the concentration of calcium to 1 mmol/l, annexin XI translocated to the azurophil granules as well. Periphagosomal translocation of annexin XI occurred during phagocytosis of yeast particles, implying that this protein plays a role in the events associated with the phagocytic process.[1]


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