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Arabidopsis SKP1, a homologue of a cell cycle regulator gene, is predominantly expressed in meristematic cells.

The yeast SKP1 gene and its human homolog p19skp1 encode a kinetochore protein required for cell cycle progression at both the DNA synthesis and mitosis phases of the cell cycle. In orchids we identified a cDNA (O 108) that is expressed in early stages of ovule development and is homologous to the yeast SKP1. Based on the orchid O 108 cDNA clone, we identified and characterized an Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. cDNA designated ATskp1 that also has high sequence similarity to yeast SKP1. The Arabidopsis ATskp1 is a single-copy gene that mapped to chromosome 1. The expression of the ATskp1 gene was highly correlated with meristem activity in that its mRNA accumulated in all of the plant meristems including the vegetative shoot meristem, inflorescence and floral meristems, root meristem, and in the leaf and floral organ primordia. In addition, ATskp1 was also highly expressed in the dividing cells of the developing embryo, and in other cells that become multinucleate or undergo endoreplication events such as the endosperm free nuclei, the tapetum and the endothelium. Based on its spatial pattern of expression, ATskp1 is a marker for cells undergoing division and may be required for meristem activity.[1]


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