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Human hematopoietic progenitors express erythropoietin.

Erythropoietin (EPO) is a factor essential for erythroid cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival. The production of EPO by the kidneys in response to hypoxia and anemia is well documented. To determine whether EPO is also produced by hematopoietic cells, we analyzed the expression of EPO in normal human hematopoietic progenitors and in their progeny. Undifferentiated CD34(+)lin- hematopoietic progenitors do not have detectable EPO mRNA. Differentiating CD34(+) cells that are stimulated with recombinant human EPO in serum-free liquid cultures express both EPO and EPO receptor (EPOR). Because CD34(+) cells represent a heterogeneous cell population, we analyzed individual burst-forming units-erythroid (BFU-E) and nonerythroid colony-forming unit-granulocyte-macrophage colonies for EPO mRNA. Only BFU-E colonies were positive for EPO mRNA. Lysates from pooled BFU-E colonies stained positively for EPO by immunoblotting. To further confirm the intrinsic nature of erythroid EPO, we replaced extrinsic EPO in erythroid colony cultures with EPO-mimicking peptide (EMP). We show EPO expression in the EMP-stimulated BFU-Es at both mRNA and protein levels. Stimulation of bone marrow mononuclear cells (BMMCs) with EMP upregulated EPO expression. Furthermore, we found EPO and EPOR mRNAs as well as EPO protein in K562 cells, a human erythroleukemia cell line. Stimulation of K562 cells with EMP upregulated EPO expression. We suggest that EPO of erythroid origin may have a role in the regulation of erythropoiesis.[1]


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