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Human Hrs, a tyrosine kinase substrate in growth factor-stimulated cells: cDNA cloning and mapping of the gene to chromosome 17.

Hrs is a 115kDa zinc finger protein which is rapidly tyrosine phosphorylated in cells stimulated with various growth factors. We previously purified the protein from a mouse cell line and cloned its cDNA. In the present study, we cloned a human Hrs cDNA from a human placenta cDNA library by cross-hybridization, using the mouse cDNA as a probe, and determined its nucleotide sequence. The human Hrs cDNA encoded a 777-amino-acid protein whose sequence was 93% identical to that of mouse Hrs. Northern blot analysis showed that the Hrs mRNA was about 3.0kb long and was expressed in all the human adult and fetal tissues tested. In addition, we showed by genomic Southern blot analysis that the human Hrs gene was a single-copy gene with a size of about 20kb. Furthermore, the human Hrs gene was mapped to chromosome 17 by Southern blotting of genomic DNAs from human/rodent somatic cell hybrids.[1]


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