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Gene Review

Uso1  -  USO1 vesicle docking factor

Mus musculus

Synonyms: 115kDa, General vesicular transport factor p115, Protein USO1 homolog, TAP, Transcytosis-associated protein, ...
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High impact information on Vdp

  • Filensin (also called CP94; CP95; CP97; 115kDa protein) is a component of the lens-specific beaded filament which is believed to be functionally important in lens fiber cell differentiation and in maintaining lens fiber cell conformation and transparency [1].
  • Hrs is a 115kDa zinc finger protein which is rapidly tyrosine phosphorylated in cells stimulated with various growth factors [2].
  • The expression of the AAA-reactive ligand was, on the other hand, restricted to a single major 120 kDa acidic glycoprotein, in addition to a minor molecular weight variant of 115kDa, associated with a subset of immature IgM+ B lymphocytes localized within the red pulp, in both newly born and adult mice [3].


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