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In situ hybridization of five loci to cattle chromosome 1.

The genes for pituitary-specific transcription factor (PIT1), propionyl coenzyme A carboxylase, beta-polypeptide (PCCB), transferrin (TF), trichohyalin ( THH), and involucrin ( IVL) were mapped to cattle chromosome 1 (BTA 1) by isotopic in situ hybridization. Two of the loci were mapped from cattle PCR products and three from human ATCC probes. PIT1 localized to segment 1q2; PCCB to 1q3; and TF, THH, and IVL to 1q4. These localizations agree with the homology previously shown between BTA 1 and human chromosome 3 (HSA 3). Some homology with HSA 1 has been established with the mapping of THH and IVL to BTA 1q4.[1]


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