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A novel cartilage protein (CILP) present in the mid-zone of human articular cartilage increases with age.

A novel, somewhat basic noncollagenous protein was purified from guanidine hydrochloride extracts of human articular cartilage using cesium chloride density gradient centrifugation, followed by ion-exchange chromatography at pH 5, and gel filtration on two serially coupled columns of Superose 6 and Superdex 200. The protein of 91.5 kDa contains a single polypeptide chain substituted with N-linked oligosaccharides. It appeared unique to cartilage as studied by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblots of various tissue extracts. Its concentration in articular cartilages showed some variability with age being lower in young individuals. It represents a chondrocyte product, since it is synthesized by articular chondrocytes in explant cultures. Interestingly, the distribution of the protein in the articular cartilage provides important information on the nature of chondrocytes at different compartments in the tissue. Thus, chondrocytes in the middle/deeper layers of the tissue in particular, appeared to have produced the protein and deposited it in the interterritorial matrix. The protein was neither seen in the superficial nor in the deepest regions of the articular cartilage. Based on its immunolocalization we have named this protein CILP (cartilage intermediate layer protein).[1]


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