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Chemical Compound Review

Cesium-127     cesium

Synonyms: AC1O3TH3, 127Cs, 15720-35-1, Cesium, isotope of mass 127
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Disease relevance of cesium


Psychiatry related information on cesium

  • Results showed significant increases in chlorine, iron, manganese, sodium, and phosphorus and significant decreases in chromium, cesium, rubidium, and selenium and in the mean freeze-dried to wet-weight ratio for patients with Pick's disease compared with control patients [5].
  • Given sufficient reaction time, metaschoepite was completely transformed to a clarkeite-like sodium uranyl oxide hydrate or a cesium uranyl oxide hydrate that has not previously been described [6].
  • A pattern of clinical trials suggests the potential of cesium salts in certain cancer therapies, affective disorders, tumor imaging, radiotherapy and certain cardiovascular usages [7].
  • Daily intakes of 232Th, 238U, and cesium differed statistically between northern and southern of Vietnam, depending on geological conditions and food habits [8].

High impact information on cesium

  • The apparent affinity of origin DNA for membranes is enhanced by two peptides, (55 kilodaltons (kd) and 75 kd), which remain attached to the DNA through treatment with 5.5 M cesium chloride [9].
  • Single-channel analyses with cell-attached patches revealed that Mid1 acts as a calcium-permeable, cation-selective stretch-activated channel with a conductance of 32 picosiemens at 150 millimolar cesium chloride in the pipette [10].
  • Radioactive cesium from the Chernobyl accident in the Greenland Ice Sheet [11].
  • We measured the effects of changing internal cesium (Cs+) and external sodium (Na+) concentrations on the channel-blocking kinetics of the adamantane derivatives IEM-1754 and IEM-1857 [12].
  • The early (5 min) endogenous reverse transcriptase product was analyzed by cesium sulfate gradient centrifugation [13].

Chemical compound and disease context of cesium


Biological context of cesium


Anatomical context of cesium

  • The quantitative preservation of satellite NA was studied in several central nervous system (CNS) neoplasms; four tumor lines deriveo from 3-methylcholanthrene implantation into the CNS of mice were compared with brain and tissue cultures of normal mouse cells by analytical centrifugation in cesium chlorie [23].
  • HT-29 cells were subjected to 12 Gy gamma-irradiation in a cesium irradiator [24].
  • Thirty minutes after the injection, cesium levels in Purkinje fibers were 5.3 +/- 1.0 mM/kg, levels in ventricular muscle were 4.6 +/- 0.9 mM/kg, and levels in atrial muscle were 4.1 +/- 0.8 mM/kg [1].
  • Gamma rays from a cesium source were used to generate human lymphoblastoid cell line variants that had lost expression of all major histocompatibility complex antigens coded for by a single haplotype [25].
  • The six proteins form functional potassium selective channels in Xenopus oocytes with different properties including altered current kinetics and inhibition by cesium [26].

Associations of cesium with other chemical compounds


Gene context of cesium


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cesium

  • On centrifugation in cesium chloride density gradients, most sulfated glycosaminoglycans and matrix proteins remained associated and were recovered at a density of 1.34 g/cm3 (greater or equal to 2 M CsCl) [37].
  • Isopycnic centrifugation in cesium chloride removed the remaining outer membrane protein contaminants [38].
  • Liver nuclear DNA, enriched in ribosomal DNA (rDNA) by one round of cesium salt density gradient centrifugation, was treated under buffered alkaline conditions to convert unstable AFB1-N7-guanine adducts to stable AFB1-formamidopyrimidine derivatives [39].
  • In eight isolated endocardial preparations from canine ventricles, standard microelectrode techniques were used to study the effects of superfusion with 5 mM cesium [1].
  • The patch-clamp technique was used to record I(f), ie, a barium-insensitive, cesium-sensitive, time-dependent increasing inward current elicited on hyperpolarization [40].


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