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Gene Review

CILP  -  cartilage intermediate layer protein,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: CILP-1, Cartilage intermediate layer protein 1, Cartilage intermediate-layer protein, HsT18872, UNQ602/PRO1188
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Disease relevance of CILP


High impact information on CILP


Biological context of CILP


Anatomical context of CILP


Associations of CILP with chemical compounds

  • In addition, mice were immunized with a mixture of the C1 and C2 fusion proteins to assess the arthrogenicity of CILP [1].
  • We also find one repeat of this Cys domain in human cartilage intermediate layer protein but find no evidence of this domain in any invertebrate species, including those for which entire genomes have been sequenced [15].
  • Administration of PPA produced a statistically significant increase in MUP and CILPP [16].

Regulatory relationships of CILP

  • We have found that CILP mRNA expression is induced by TGF-beta1 and dependent upon signaling via TGF-beta receptors [2].

Other interactions of CILP


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CILP


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