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Unique effect of tetrapentylammonium ions on sympathetic transmission in rat vas deferens.

1. Effects of tetrapentylammonium ions (TPA+) on contractile responses induced by electric field stimulation and by exogenous agonist such as noradrenaline, ATP and high K+ were examined in the isolated epididymal half of the rat vas deferens. 2. The electrically evoked monophasic contractions (0.5 Hz, 1 ms pulse duration, 40 V) were potentiated by TPA+ at low concentrations (1-3 microM) and inhibited by TPA+ at a concentration greater than 10 microM. 3. TPA+ (0.3-3 microM) potentiated the contractile responses induced by noradrenaline and ATP, whilst, TPA+ (10 microM) concentration-dependently reduced the agonist-induced contractions. TEA+ enhanced both electrically evoked and agonist-induced contractions. 4. TPA+ (0.3 microM) potentiated 30 mM K+-induced phasic contraction which was inhibited by pretreatment with alpha,beta-methylene ATP (3 microM) and prazosin (3 microM). 5. TPA+ (10-300 microM) reduced the contractions induced by 100 mM extracellular K+ while TBA+ and TEA+ had no effect. 6. The present results show that TPA+ at low concentrations may act at prejunctional nerve membranes to enhance release of contractile transmitters and act as a putative K+ channel blocker at postjunctional membranes to increase muscle contractility in rat vas deferens; whilst at high concentrations TPA+ mainly acts on smooth muscle probably as a non-selective relaxant against the agonist-induced contraction probably through inhibition of Ca2+ influx; this inhibitory effect appears unique for TPA+ since TEA+ and TBA+ did not induce muscle relaxation.[1]


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