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RA70 is a src kinase-associated protein expressed ubiquitously.

RA70, which is expressed during neuronal differentiation of P19 EC, is highly homologous to human src kinase-associated phosphoprotein (SKAP55). Here we isolated human full-length RA70 cDNA. Unlike SKAP55, which is specifically expressed in thymus and T cells, RA70 was expressed ubiquitously in various tissues including lung, skeletal muscle, and spleen, and in various cell lines including human monocytic leukemia (U937) cells, but RA70 was undetectable in thymus and T cell lymphoma (Jurkat) cells. RA70 as well as SKAP55 proved to be a protein with molecular weight 55 kDa associated with SH2 domain of Fyn. Interaction between RA70 and src family kinases, Fyn, Hck and Lyn, was detected during monocytes/macrophage-differentiation of U937 cells. Thus, like SKAP55, RA70 is an adaptor protein of the src family kinases. RA70 may play an essential role in the src signaling pathway in various cells.[1]


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