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Comparative analysis of promoters for transient gene expression in cultured mosquito cells.

Three heterologous promoters (hsp70 and actin 5C from Drosophila melanogaster and IE1 from the immediate early gene of the Bombyx mori baculovirus) were assessed for their ability to drive transient luciferase expression in mosquito cells. Overall, the actin 5C promoter was considerably more effective at driving luciferase expression than either hsp70 or IE1 in cell lines derived from Anopheles, Aedes and Culex species. hsp70 functioned well when induced by heat shock and was also induced to a lesser extent by chemicals such as sodium arsenite. IE1 was also an effective initiator of transcription, particularly in two Anopheles cell lines, but generally it performed less well than the actin 5C promoter and was also outperformed by hsp70 in Anopheles gambiae cells.[1]


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