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Chemical Compound Review

HSA 10     lithium oxido-oxo-alumane

Synonyms: FT-0689269, AC1L3W86, 336637_ALDRICH, 12003-67-7, EINECS 234-434-9, ...
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High impact information on lithium oxido-oxo-alumane

  • In particular, HSA 8, HSA 10, HSA 11, and HSA 16+7 paint, respectively, BBU 1p, BBU 4p, BBU 5p, and BBU 24, which are homoeologous, respectively, to cattle chromosomes 25, 28, 29 and 27 [1].
  • The shared synteny, therefore, does not necessarily mean that HSA 10 represents an ancestral grouping; rather, it suggests that HSA 10p and HSA 10q represent two different ancestral mammalian units which fused directly in primates and were incorporated independently into two different regions of the same chromosome in marsupials [2].
  • Transmission electron microscopy, as well as indirect immunofluorescent assay, demonstrated that HSA-10 was found to react with antigen on the inner acrosome of human sperm [3].
  • A monoclonal antibody, HSA-10 initially produced against acrosome-reacted human sperm was also shown to cross-react with human placenta/trophoblast [3].
  • Results of antifertility studies revealed that HSA-10 significantly inhibited human sperm penetration to zona-free hamster ova [3].

Gene context of lithium oxido-oxo-alumane

  • A sandwich enzyme immunoassay was designed to quantitatively determine the immunoactivity of STX-10 in solution, using HSA-10 monoclonal antibody for coating and for signal detection via enzyme conjugation [3].


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