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Chemical Compound Review

Tyr(3)-sms     10-(4-aminobutyl)-19-[(2- amino-3-phenyl...

Synonyms: AC1L3XFS, Sdz-204-090, Sms-204-090, AR-1B9971, Sdz 204-090, ...
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Disease relevance of Tyr-3-octreotide


High impact information on Tyr-3-octreotide


Anatomical context of Tyr-3-octreotide


Associations of Tyr-3-octreotide with other chemical compounds

  • The recent availability of a Tyr3-substituted octreotide (SDZ 204-090) for radioiodination has allowed somatostatin (SRIH) receptor binding to be studied in vivo, and receptor-positive tumors of different origins to be visualized with a gamma-camera [8].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Tyr-3-octreotide


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