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Chemical Compound Review

CHEMBL146186     3-[3-(aminocarbonylmethyl)-1- benzyl-2...

Synonyms: SureCN7965980, CTK8E7560, LY-311727, AC1L4F87, LY311727, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS-122625


High impact information on AIDS-122625

  • Furthermore, the optimized structure (LY311727) displayed 1,500-fold selectivity when assayed against porcine pancreatic s-PLA2 [2].
  • Interestingly, the expression of sPLA2-IIA induced by TNF alpha alone is also attenuated by MK886, by the sPLA2-IIA inhibitor LY311727, by heparinase, which prevents the binding of sPLA2-IIA to heparan sulfate proteoglycans, and by the specific cPLA2-alpha inhibitor pyrrolidine-1 [3].
  • TNF-induced NF-kappaB activation was also strongly reduced in cells stimulated in the presence of the secretory PLA2 (sPLA2) inhibitors 12-epi-scalaradial and LY311727 [4].
  • However, the sPLA(2) activity observed in spinal cord homogenates was suppressed by addition of LY311727, a selective sPLA(2) inhibitor [1].
  • This was supported by the finding that the LPS-induced chemokine production was not affected by the selective sPLA(2) inhibitor LY311727 [5].

Gene context of AIDS-122625

  • Treatment with IFN-gamma and IL-1alpha for 15 min induced a rapid increase of AA release from NHBE cells, which was blocked by the cPLA(2) inhibitor MAFP (p<0.05) but not by the sPLA(2) inhibitor LY311727 or iPLA(2) inhibitor HELSS [6].


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