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Chemical Compound Review

KASSININ     3-amino-3-[[1-[2-[[5-amino-1- [[1-[[1-[[3...

Synonyms: AC1L2EKC, LS-187057, LS-187667, 63968-82-1
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High impact information on KASSININ

  • The phasic component of the KAS- or SP-induced contraction was reduced selectively, both in vivo and in vitro by [D-Pro2,D-Trp7,9]SP, an SP antagonist [1].
  • Continued superfusion of SP (7.4 X 10(-9) M) desensitized the coronary arteries which were refractory to the vasodilator action of NKA, NKB, PHY and KAS [2].
  • Six different antisera, raised against SP (n = 2), KAS (n = 2) or ELE (n = 2), were used for radioimmunoassay [3].
  • The effect of NKA, but not that of ELE and KASS, was shortened by nephrectomy, even though NKA did not modify urine volume or Na+ excretion [4].
  • Eledoisin was shown to be 50% less active than KASS, which is typical behaviour for an almost exclusively NK2 receptor population [5].

Biological context of KASSININ

  • Analysis of the regression lines for log dose of tachykinin vs. percent decrease in diastolic blood pressure revealed similar slopes for SP and E and for P and K [6].

Associations of KASSININ with other chemical compounds

  • Central injection of the tachykinins (TKs) neurokinin A (NKA), eledoisin (ELE), and kassinin (KASS) produced long-lasting inhibition (up to 6 h) of drinking induced by subcutaneous hypertonic NaCl, while substance P (SP) and physalaemin (PHYS) evoked short-lasting effects [4].
  • E, K, and NKA were more potent bronchoconstrictors than was SP [7].
  • The blood pressure and respiratory effects of i.v. administration of the tachykinins substance P (SP), physalaemin (P), eledoisin (E) and kassinin (K) and purported antagonists of SP were compared in guinea-pigs anaesthetized with sodium pentobarbital [6].


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