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Chemical Compound Review

SureCN995030     N-[(2S,3S,5R)-5- aminocarbonyl-1-(3...

Synonyms: AG-E-56008, CHEMBL1628706, AC1NSK1E, CTK4E6340, CP-481715, ...
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Disease relevance of CP-481,715

  • In a more generalized model of inflammation, delayed-type hypersensitivity, CP-481,715 significantly inhibited footpad swelling and decreased the amount of IFN-gamma and IL-2 produced by isolated spleen cells from sensitized animals [1].

High impact information on CP-481,715


Biological context of CP-481,715

  • Radiolabeled binding studies indicate that CP-481,715 binds to human CCR1 with a Kd of 9.2 nm and displaces 125I-labeled CCL3 from CCR1-transfected cells with an IC50 of 74 nm [2].

Gene context of CP-481,715


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