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Chemical Compound Review

CYCLOPENTANOL     cyclopentanol

Synonyms: SureCN2433, PubChem20387, CHEMBL288998, AG-H-95346, AG-L-25312, ...
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High impact information on cyclopentanol

  • On the basis of combined experimental and theoretical evidence, the remaining heptanal photolysis proceeds to form an estimated 10% HCO + hexyl radical and 30% cyclic alcohols, particularly 2-propyl cyclobutanol and 2-ethyl cyclopentanol [1].
  • The key parts of this approach include the stereoselective construction of the cis-disubstituted hydroxycyclopentane skeleton and the direct introduction of the C1-C3 acrylate moiety using a new variant of a trans-vinylogous acyl anion equivalent [2].
  • In addition, Methanogenium liminatans strains GKZPZT and BM1 used 2-propanol/CO2, 2-butanol/CO2 and cyclopentanol/CO2 [3].
  • The mass spectrometric fragmentations of a series of cyclopentanol derivatives in positive fast-atom bombardment (FAB(+)) mode were investigated [4].
  • The localization of the conjugate is conferred by BFA, since free BODIPY or BODIPY esterified to cyclopentanol did not specifically localize to internal membranes [5].

Associations of cyclopentanol with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of cyclopentanol

  • This chiral cyclopentanol derivative (1), analyzed by high resolution gas chromatography performed over beta-cyclodextrin stationary phase, was obtained in 38% yield (> 99% e.e.) [7].


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