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Chemical Compound Review

Enanthal     heptanal

Synonyms: Heptanal, Enanthole, Oenanthal, Oenanthol, Heptaldehyde, ...
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Disease relevance of heptanal


High impact information on heptanal

  • The kinetics of the bacterial luciferase reaction were measured by stopped-flow spectrophotometry at pH 7 and 25 degrees C for the series of aldehydes from n-heptanal to n-undecanal [2].
  • Treatment of platelet membranes with trans-2-nonenal and n-heptaldehyde, but not with acetaldehyde, also inhibited membrane-associated PTPase activity [3].
  • In the present study, in vivo odorant exposure (heptanal or R-carvone) led to a selective induction of HSP25 in glia-like sustentacular cells in the Swiss Webster mouse OE, as previously shown in rats (Carr et al., 2001) [4].
  • On the basis of combined experimental and theoretical evidence, the remaining heptanal photolysis proceeds to form an estimated 10% HCO + hexyl radical and 30% cyclic alcohols, particularly 2-propyl cyclobutanol and 2-ethyl cyclopentanol [5].
  • Gas chromatography-mass spectrometric analysis of hexanal and heptanal in human blood by headspace single-drop microextraction with droplet derivatization [6].

Chemical compound and disease context of heptanal


Biological context of heptanal


Associations of heptanal with other chemical compounds

  • In particular we predict that heptanal and octanal both bind strongly to both mouse and rat I7 ORs, which conflicts with the older literature but agrees with recent experiments [10].
  • We report the detection of hexanal, heptanal, and nonanal in the bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) of rats exposed to 0.5 to 10 ppm ozone with or without simultaneous 5% CO2 [11].


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