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Disease relevance of Methanomicrobiaceae


High impact information on Methanomicrobiaceae


Associations of Methanomicrobiaceae with chemical compounds

  • 13C labeling studies with Methanogenium cariaci suggested that the betaine which accumulated inside the cells was not synthesized de novo but was transported in from the medium [7].
  • The pathway of CO2 reduction to methane in Methanogenium tationis and Methanogenium thermophilicum is similar to that observed in other methanogens [8].
  • Methanogenesis involving a novel carrier of C1 compounds in Methanogenium tationis [8].
  • Characterization of two pterin derivatives isolated from Methanoculleus thermophilicum [9].
  • The F420-dependent NADP reductase from Methanogenium organophilum was purified and characterized [10].

Gene context of Methanomicrobiaceae


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