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Chemical Compound Review

Maxalt     benzoic acid; N,N-dimethyl-2-[5-(1,2,4...

Synonyms: RHB-103, SureCN41226, S1607_Selleck, INT-0008, AC-734, ...
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Disease relevance of D00675

  • BACKGROUND: Rizatriptan (MK-462) is a new 5-hydroxytryptamine1D (serotonin1D; 5-HT1D) receptor agonist for the acute treatment of migraine that has improved pharmacokinetic properties compared with sumatriptan succinate [1].
  • The most common adverse events associated with MK-462 were drowsiness (20 mg 12%; 40 mg 44%; placebo 24%), dry mouth (40 mg 36%; placebo 19%), and lightheadedness/dizziness (40 mg 17%; placebo 10%) [2].

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