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Food-Drug Interactions

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Disease relevance of Food-Drug Interactions


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Biological context of Food-Drug Interactions


Anatomical context of Food-Drug Interactions

  • The aim of the present food interaction study was to determine the blood plasma levels of theophylline upon the administration of new Egifilin 200 and 400 mg retard tablets, either on an empty stomach or after meal, and to make comparative pharmacokinetic evaluation in 26 healthy volunteers [10].

Associations of Food-Drug Interactions with chemical compounds


Gene context of Food-Drug Interactions


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Food-Drug Interactions

  • Furthermore, the need for frequent and demanding INR monitoring, a slow onset of action, and an elevated risk for drug-drug and food-drug interactions conspire to undermine the use of warfarin, especially in high-risk groups, such as the elderly [19].
  • METHODS: Four clinical trials covering the dose range of 25-10,000 microg/kg were carried out to describe pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and tolerability of safinamide, administered in single or repeated dose regimen to steady state, including a food interaction trial [20].
  • These are Drug Therapy Screening System from Medi-span and RxTriage from First Data Bank. First Data Bank is also the most frequently cited source for the drug-food interactions and IV compatibility databases [21].


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