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Chemical Compound Review

Patrol     1-[2-methyl-3-(4-tert- butylphenyl)propyl]p...

Synonyms: Fenpropidin, Fenpropidine, SureCN21278, AC1L3MLS, KB-213421, ...
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High impact information on Fenpropidine

  • Using [4-14C]ignosterol as a substrate and an enzyme preparation from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, this method was used to compare the inhibition of sterol delta 14-reductase by the fungicides fenpropidin and fenpropimorph with three N-substituted 8-azadecaline compounds [1].
  • A plasmid was isolated that transformed yeast both to resistance to fenpropidin and to an increased specific activity of sterol 14-reductase [2].
  • Condition 2 (Ship) involved riding aboard a U.S. Navy Yard Patrol boat [3].
  • In addition to the unincorporated county regions, there are thirty-four city police agencies, the Florida State Highway Patrol, several university security agencies, the local Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the county Medical Examiners Office that all use the PBSO Serology/DNA Laboratory for the analysis of casework evidence [4].
  • Four to five ml of breast milk were sampled from mothers living in villages where schools under the jurisdiction of the Department of Border Patrol Police were located [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Fenpropidine

  • A retrospective cohort study was performed using the North Carolina State Highway Patrol computerized database of MVCs [6].
  • Washington enacted a primary enforcement seat belt, the Chief of the Washington State Patrol made safety belt enforcement one of the core missions of that agency, and Washington participated in the national Memorial Day Click It or Ticket program during May 2002 and continued the program into 2003 [7].
  • The Washington State Patrol Crash Database and computerized hospitalization records for 1989-1993 were used to determine total hospital charges billed for motor vehicle collision injuries to drivers whose crash reports contained any indication of alcohol use [8].


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