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Gene Review

cydA  -  cytochrome D ubiquinol oxidase subunit I

Escherichia coli CFT073

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Disease relevance of cydA


High impact information on cydA

  • Two classes of mutants which map to the cyd locus were obtained, cydA and cydB . The cydA phenotype included the lack of all three spectroscopically detectable cytochromes as well as the absence of both polypeptides, determined by immunological criteria [2].
  • The protective effect of a deficiency of cydA at high temperature is itself suppressed by overexpression of cytochrome bo3, indicating that the phenomenon is related to energy metabolism rather than to a specific effect of the cydA protein [3].
  • The cydA mutation protects a thymine-deficient strain from death in the absence of thymine on LB but not on minimal medium [3].
  • The gene of cydA was expressed even under the condition of atmospheric pressure and its expression was enhanced with pressurization [4].
  • Both nalidixic acid and novobiocin reduce cydA-lacZ expression in a concentration-dependent manner [5].

Chemical compound and disease context of cydA


Biological context of cydA


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