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Gene Review

fixX  -  ferredoxin-like protein

Escherichia coli CFT073

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Disease relevance of fixX


High impact information on fixX

  • The enzyme contains four ferredoxin-like Cys groups in the electron transfer subunit, DmsB, and an additional group of Cys residues in the catalytic subunit, DmsA [3].
  • The results show the reduction potentials in the midrange for ferredoxin-like [4Fe-4S] clusters [4].
  • This protein is designated as PFLP (plant ferredoxin-like protein) by virtue of its high homology with plant ferredoxin protein containing an N-terminal signal peptide responsible for chloroplast targeting and a putative 2Fe-2S domain responsible for redox activity [5].
  • The reductase partner comprises flavin mononucleotide- and NADH-binding motifs and a [2Fe2S] ferredoxin-like center [6].
  • The deduced human ETF-QO sequence predicts a protein containing 617 amino acids (67 kDa), two domains associated with the binding of the AMP moiety of the FAD prosthetic group, two membrane helices and a motif containing four cysteine residues that is frequently associated with the liganding of ferredoxin-like iron-sulfur clusters [7].

Biological context of fixX

  • In contrast, ferredoxin-like proteins, which are encoded by nifB-associated genes, are not required for nitrogen fixation in all other organisms analysed so far [8].

Associations of fixX with chemical compounds

  • The 12 cysteine residues present in FrdB form 3 ferredoxin-like clusters, whereas the 12 cysteines of FrdA are not clustered [9].
  • We report here a simple system for the functional expression of various P450 genes using the reductase domain of this P450RhF, which comprises flavin mononucleotide- and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate binding motifs and a [2Fe2S] ferredoxin-like center [10].


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