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Gene Review

IGAD1  -  immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficiency...

Homo sapiens

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Disease relevance of IGAD1


High impact information on IGAD1

  • Here we show an increased allele sharing at 6p21 in affected members of 83 multiplex IgAD/CVID pedigrees and demonstrate, using transmission/diseqilibrium tests, family-based associations indicating the presence of a predisposing locus, designated "IGAD1," in the proximal part of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) [2].
  • The differential parent-of-origin penetrance is proposed to reflect a maternal effect mediated by the production of anti-IgA antibodies tentatively linked to IGAD1 [2].
  • Fine-scale mapping at IGAD1 and genome-wide genetic linkage analysis implicate HLA-DQ/DR as a major susceptibility locus in selective IgA deficiency and common variable immunodeficiency [3].
  • Previous genetic linkage, case-control, and family-based association studies mapped an IgAD/CVID susceptibility locus, designated IGAD1, to the MHC, but its precise location within the MHC has been controversial [3].
  • Haplotype analysis, linkage disequilibrium, and homozygosity mapping indicated that HLA-DQ/DR is the major IGAD1 locus, strongly suggesting the autoimmune pathogenesis of IgAD/CVID [3].

Biological context of IGAD1

  • Microsatellite markers were placed onto the physical map of IGAD1 to establish their order and permit rapid haplotype analyses [1].
  • Although these results do not exclude the presence of a minor predisposing locus on this chromosome, such a putative locus would confer a population risk of developing IgAD/CVID much lower than IGAD1 [4].
  • Most studies support a polygenic inheritance with a susceptibility locus (designated IGAD1) in the MHC, but its exact location is still controversial [5].
  • Analysis of a larger sample of patients will be needed to determine if the specific mutations are associated with a particular phenotype or predisposition to the common features of CVID and IGAD: autoimmunity, lymphoproliferation, or malignancy [6].


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