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IgA Deficiency

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Disease relevance of IgA Deficiency


High impact information on IgA Deficiency

  • In addition, the mean IgE concentration was significantly elevated in patients with selective IgA deficiency, many of whom were atopic, and in those with the Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome [6].
  • We looked at 4 patients with severe and unusual infections in whom MBP gene mutations were the only identified cause of immunodeficiency and one patient with combined MBP and IgA deficiency [7].
  • The only case that was missed had selective IgA deficiency and was positive for IgG-class reticulin antibodies [8].
  • Captopril-induced IgA deficiency [9].
  • In the third generation, one member died of PBC, and a second individual has both symptomatic PBC and selective immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficiency, an association not previously reported [2].

Chemical compound and disease context of IgA Deficiency


Biological context of IgA Deficiency


Anatomical context of IgA Deficiency


Gene context of IgA Deficiency

  • Apart from elevated production of TNF-alpha, no other abnormalities in cytokine synthesis in selective IgA deficiency were observed [24].
  • Patients with serologic abnormalities (e.g., partial IgA deficiency, partial IgG subclass deficiency) produced more IL-2 and IL-4 than did other patients [25].
  • The findings were also consistent with possible overrepresentation of other MHC haplotypes with aberrant C4 gene organization in IgA deficiency [18].
  • In the present study we determined the HLA-A, B and DR antigenic and haplotypic frequencies in unrelated Brazilian Caucasian paediatric patients with IgA deficiency (IgA-D) [26].
  • Homozygosity rate for the gene loci DRB1 and DQB1 was increased in IgA deficiency [27].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of IgA Deficiency


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