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Gene Review

rsl  -  regulator of sex limited protein-Slp

Mus musculus

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High impact information on rsl

  • Among eight Rsl candidate (Rslcan) genes within the critical genetic interval, the recent duplicates Rslcan-4 and Rslcan-9 both harbor mutations in rsl mice (partial deletion and splice-site inactivation, respectively) [1].
  • Transgenesis with bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) clones encompassing Rslcan-4 restores male-specific MUP (major urinary protein) expression to rsl mice, whereas a BAC containing Rslcan-9 rescues sex-specific expression of Slp and cytochrome P450 Cyp2d9 [1].
  • Here we map rsl to a region on Chromosome 13 comprised exclusively of KRAB (Kruppel-associated box) zinc-finger protein (ZFP) genes [1].
  • Slp expression in hypophysectomized or Tfm/Y rsl mice reveals that Rsl action is independent of GH or androgen signaling [2].
  • The regulator of sex-limitation gene, rsl, enforces male-specific liver gene expression by negative regulation [2].

Biological context of rsl


Other interactions of rsl

  • We recently identified mutations in two genes, Rsl1 and Rsl2, accounting for the rsl phenotype [3].
  • In addition, a PCNA-related sequence (Pcna-rsl) was mapped to Chr 19 in the BXH RI strains [4].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rsl

  • Further, parabiosis of Rsl and rsl mice does not alter expression patterns, consistent with rsl action being liver intrinsic [2].


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