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Gene Review

Cat2  -  dominant cataract 2

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Cat-2, Nzc, Rop, Scat, nuclear and zonular cataract
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Disease relevance of Cat2


High impact information on Cat2

  • Rop GTPase-activating protein (RopGAP1) overexpression, or Latrunculin B treatments, also recovered normal actin organization and tip growth in Rop1At-overexpressing tubes [2].
  • The ak, Cat3 and Cat2 mutants are discussed in the context of other mutants affecting early eye and lens development [3].
  • The series of Cat2 mutations have been mapped close to the locus encoding the gamma-crystallin gene cluster Cryg [Löster et al. (1994) Genomics 23, 240-242] [3].
  • The allelism of Rop to the Cat2 group of dominant cataracts on mouse chromosome 1 was confirmed by linkage to microsatellite markers D1Mit156 and D1Mit181 [4].
  • PURPOSE: The Rop (radial opacity) mutation, which was recovered in a mutagenicity screen after paternal treatment with procarbazine, was analyzed to determine phenotype, chromosomal localization, candidate genes, and molecular lesion [4].

Biological context of Cat2


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cat2

  • Based on the size of the mapping or allelism tests they have not been shown to be genetically distinct and have been assigned to locus symbol Cat2 [6].


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