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Gene Review

Crygd  -  crystallin, gamma D

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Aey4, Cryg-1, DGcry-1, Gamma-D-crystallin, Gamma-crystallin 1, ...
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Disease relevance of Crygd

  • Lens opacity 12 (Lop12) is a semidominant mutation that results in an irregular nuclear lens opacity similar to the human Coppock cataract [1].
  • Proteins with mutations at the C terminus demonstrated no significant chaperone-like activity, failing to confer thermotolerance on E. coli and demonstrating no significant inhibition of protein aggregation in either gamma-crystallin or reduced insulin B chain assays [2].

High impact information on Crygd


Biological context of Crygd

  • Finally, a T-->A exchange in exon 2 of the gammaD-crystallin encoding gene (symbol: Crygd) was demonstrated to be causative for the cataract phenotype; this particular mutation is, therefore, referred to Crygo(Aey4) [8].
  • The candidate genes (the Cryg gene cluster and the closely linked Cryba2 gene) were sequenced [9].
  • A number of murine cataract mutations have been localized to chromosome 1 close to the gamma-crystallin gene cluster (Cryg) (Everett et al., 1994, Genomics 20: 429-434; Löster et al., 1994, Genomics 23: 240-242) [10].
  • The mutation was mapped to Chromosome 1 by a genome-wide linkage making the six gamma-crystallin encoding genes and the closely linked betaA2-crystallin encoding gene to relevant candidate genes [8].
  • During a large-scale ENU mutagenesis screen, a mouse mutant with a dominant cataract was detected and referred to as Aey4 [8].

Anatomical context of Crygd


Associations of Crygd with chemical compounds


Other interactions of Crygd

  • It suggests that the cluster of gamma-crystallin encoding genes (Cryg) and the betaA2-crystallin encoding gene Cryba2 are excellent candidate genes [20].
  • Two mutations occur at the same site in the Crygd and Cryge genes (Leu45-->Pro) [9].
  • Three murine cataract mutants (Cat2) are defective in different gamma-crystallin genes [10].
  • Using a systematic candidate gene approach to analyze the entire Cryg cluster, an A-->G transition was found in exon 2 of Cryga for the ENU-436 mutation and is designated Cryga1Neu [10].
  • The map position of Cryg, near the eye lens obsolescence (Elo) locus, was confirmed by the discovery that the restriction fragment patterns of gamma crystallin sequences differed between strain C3H/HeJ and the congenic anophthalmic mutant strain, C3H.Elo [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Crygd


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