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Gene Review

CGB1  -  chorionic gonadotropin, beta polypeptide 1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Choriogonadotropin subunit beta variant 1
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Disease relevance of CGB1

  • To better understand the dysregulation of the CGB/LHB gene cluster in breast cancer, we have developed real-time quantitative RT-PCR assays to analyze each subgroup of genes (the overall CGB genes, CGB1 and B2 together, and LHB alone) in 17 unilateral invasive primary breast tumor RNAs [1].

High impact information on CGB1

  • In silico prediction of putative transcription factor binding sites supports the hypothesis that CGB1 and CGB2 gene products are expressed in, and may contribute to, implantation and placental development [2].
  • The 5'-upstream region of CGB1/2 contains most of the promoter sequence of hCGbeta plus a novel region proximal to the putative transcription start site [2].
  • The additional phenotypes of cgb1 mutants, including severe loss of virulence on maize and of the ability to produce conidia, are consistent with CGB1 being unique in the genome [3].
  • The effects of mutating a third signal transduction pathway gene, CGB1, encoding the Gbeta subunit, are reported here [3].
  • CGB1 is the sole Gbeta subunit-encoding gene in the genome of this organism. cgb1 mutants are nearly wild type in vegetative growth rate; however, Cgb1 is required for appressorium formation, female fertility, conidiation, regulation of hyphal pigmentation, and wild-type virulence on maize [3].

Other interactions of CGB1

  • The function of two additional gene copies, CGB1 and CGB2, is still unknown [4].


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