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Gene Review

virC1  -  putative crown gall tumor protein VirC1

Agrobacterium tumefaciens

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Disease relevance of virC1

  • This study focused on the virC locus, which affects the host range Agrobacterium species. virC mutants display an attenuated or avirulent phenotype on certain host plants, but remain fully virulent on other plant hosts [1].
  • Cells of E. coli harbored two compatible plasmids, one containing coding sequences overlapping the virC and virD regions of the nopaline Ti plasmid, and a second plasmid containing a T-DNA region [2].

High impact information on virC1


Biological context of virC1


Associations of virC1 with chemical compounds

  • As on nopaline pTiC58, fragments bearing the homologies with virC and virG are closer together on both pRi than on octopine pTiAch5 [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of virC1

  • A universal primer set (VCF/VCR) for PCR analysis based on the sequences of the virC operon located on Ti and Ri plasmids was designed to detect these plasmids from phytopathogenic Agrobacterium strains [7].


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